Lappert’s Ice Cream Our Story

Walter Lappert

In 1983 Walter started the company after months of brainstorming and planning sessions with his wife Mary and his son Michael.  These discussions were held around the green marble table in his home, as well as at the small ice cream shop he owned in Sausalito California.  His shop then served a locally produced ice cream which Walter always felt could be improved on, but mostly Walter wanted to make and sell ice cream in Kauai; his favorite place in the world to visit.

“I want to open a store that makes and sells ice cream in Kauai” he said, and so the plan was made.

If you visit the factory in Hanapepe Kauai, you will see the original building Walter built, and although it has changed quite a bit since the early days, his original concept of the highest quality product continues.  Stop by for a taste on your way to the Waimea Canyon.

Michael Lappert

The dream and hard work continues with Michael Lappert, the president of Lappert’s Ice Cream. Michael, also an avid traveler, brings to the company the same obsession to quality. The opening of the California manufacturing facility in 1984 made it possible for the folks to have Lappert’s super premium ice cream and also taste the great tropical flavors from the rest of the world; look for flavors like Manila Mango, Costa Rican Plantain Cajeta, Mexican Chocolate Cinnamon Swirl, and Philippine Macapuno Peach Sorbet.

Isaac Lappert

Introducing the third generation of Lappert’s clan. Isaac is a graduate of The Culinary Institute, and a maniac in the testing kitchen.  His two newest contributions are ‘Hawaii Pink Sea Salt Caramel’, and organic Acai Sorbet Swirl in an amazing Avocado ice cream he calls simply ‘Brazil’, in homage to his time spent one carnaval season in Rio de Janeiro.

A question we sometimes get is “I was just in Hawaii and had Lappert’s ice cream, is it the same”? The short answer is no. The company in Hawaii which makes the ice cream you had there is separate and distinct from my company here in the continental United States.They make their products in Hanapepe Kauai and we make our products right here in Richmond California. I did inherit 50% of the company in Hawaii from my father Walter Lappert, but there is no present connection between the products of Lappert’s Ice Cream here on the mainland United States and those of Lappert’s Hawaii. You may see that there are flavors which are offered in Hawaii which we do not offer here and flavors which we have that they do not.We think that Hawaii is a special place and some things you just have to go there to experience. As always, we make all of our flavors, from Kauai Pie to Vanilla Bean with all the attention and love you have come to expect from Lappert’s Ice Cream Inc.

Stop by and say hello.

Michael Lappert

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