Ice Cream: A Brief Insight into the History

You don’t really need an excuse to enjoy a cup of delicious ice cream. An ice cream cone in a desired flavor is irresistible and tempting. This frozen treat is the favorite dessert of people of all ages. Whether you’re annoyed with the scorching heat of summer or craving for a dessert in cold winter nights, it can satisfy both the needs.

And that too, deliciously!

While enjoying a scoop of ice cream, have you ever wondered about its origin? Here, we’re presenting to you some lesser known information about the history of ice cream.

History of Ice Cream

No one exactly knows who invented the ice cream. However, its traces date back to 200 B.C. Back in the day, Nero Claudius Caesar loved frozen treats. He even used to send his trusted servants to mountains so as to collect snow. Later, this snow was flavored with fruit juices to add a distinct taste. Alexander the Great also enjoyed snow flavored with nectar and honey, whereas King Solomon loved iced fruit drinks.

It’s believed the Chinese are the inventors of the modern-day ice cream. King Tang of Shang hired a group of ice man to prepare frozen desserts. They prepared ice cream by mixing buffalo milk, camphor, and flour.

This recipe reached Europe when Marco Polo returned home after exploring the world. There’s no authentic information about the origin of the modern form of ice cream. However, as per the historians, it was developed during the 16th century. It’s when the English people prepared frozen treats and named them as Cream Ice.

This cream ice was a regular dessert at the table of Charles I of England. It’s said that he even released orders to behead a chef who dared to disclose the recipe of his favorite ice cream to general masses.

How Ice Cream Reached America

Ice cream reached America in the mid 18th century when a Scottish colonist visited London and tasted strawberry flavored ice-cream. He shared the recipe with others and it became the favorite dessert of America in no time.

In the initial days, ice cream was limited to the upper class. Many presidents, including George Washington and Thomas Jefferson enjoyed this delicious treat. It’s said that the former spent around $200 on ice cream in the summer of 1790 alone. Thomas Jefferson not only loved having ice cream, he even invented his own recipe for the same.

Ice cream was made available for the general public in 1851. A Pennsylvanian milk dealer, Jacob Fussell, decided to open an ice cream factory to make up for the losses in his dairy business. The popularity of ice cream increased so much that it became the symbol of America. It was even served to the soldiers during World War II to enhance moral.

Today, the US is the largest producer of ice cream in the world where 90% of households consume ice cream on a regular basis. It’s served in every restaurant, whereas ice cream parlors also serve a large variety of flavors.